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JobStatus Class Reference

#include <Storage.h>

Inheritance diagram for JobStatus:

Object List of all members.

Public Methods

 JobStatus ()
 JobStatus (uint nRunning, uint nWaiting, job_state state, ReserveId *resID=NULL)
 ~JobStatus ()
virtual int compare (Object *)
virtual ObjectCopy ()

Public Attributes

JobId jobID
uint nRunning
uint nWaiting
job_state state
ReserveId resID
int nReservations

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

JobStatus::JobStatus   [inline]

Definition at line 304 of file Storage.h.

References job_unknown.

JobStatus::JobStatus uint    nRunning,
uint    nWaiting,
job_state    state,
ReserveId   resID = NULL

Definition at line 313 of file Storage.h.

References job_state, and uint.

JobStatus::~JobStatus   [inline]

Definition at line 325 of file Storage.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int Object::compare Object   [inline, virtual, inherited]

To ensure a consistent comparison interface and to allow comparison of all kinds of different objects, we will define a comparison functions.

Definition at line 31 of file Object.h.

virtual Object* Object::Copy   [inline, virtual, inherited]

To allow a deep copy of data structures we will define a standard interface... This member will return a copy of itself, freshly allocated and deep copied.

Reimplemented in List.

Definition at line 37 of file Object.h.

Referenced by List::Copy(), and List::operator=().

Member Data Documentation

JobId JobStatus::jobID

Definition at line 294 of file Storage.h.

int JobStatus::nReservations

Definition at line 301 of file Storage.h.

Referenced by o2x(), and x2o().

uint JobStatus::nRunning

Definition at line 295 of file Storage.h.

Referenced by o2x(), and x2o().

uint JobStatus::nWaiting

Definition at line 296 of file Storage.h.

Referenced by o2x(), and x2o().

pReservation* JobStatus::reservations

Definition at line 300 of file Storage.h.

Referenced by o2x(), and x2o().

ReserveId JobStatus::resID

Definition at line 298 of file Storage.h.

Referenced by o2x(), and x2o().

job_state JobStatus::state

Definition at line 297 of file Storage.h.

Referenced by Client::clientOn(), event_job_status(), o2x(), startup(), and x2o().

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