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Address Member List

This is the complete list of members for Address, including all inherited members.
Address(uint host, int port)Address
Address(const char *host, int port)Address
Address(const Address &other)Address
Address(const char *ip_with_port)Address
compare(Object *)Object [inline, virtual]
Copy()Object [inline, virtual]
equals(Address &other)Address
equals(uint host, uint port)Address
getAddress(int port=0)Address [static]
getHost() constAddress
getHost(char *host) constAddress
getIP(char *ip_with_port) constAddress
getPort() constAddress
init_thishost()Address [static]
Object()Object [inline]
operator!=(Address &other)Address
operator=(const Address &other)Address
operator==(Address &other)Address
setHost(uint host)Address
setHost(const char *host)Address
setIP(const char *ip_with_port)Address
setPort(int port)Address
thishostAddress [static]
~Object()Object [inline, virtual]

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